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There is , in the far corner of our yard, the quietly decaying skeleton of an old laptop, whose keyboard contains a message. This message is the very same message your very own computer is trying to tell you, when it notices you’ve been looking at gifsets for the past 18 hours.

Quit When Everything Races Towards You.

(how much time have you spent on tumblr today? Maybe it’s time for a break. Look out the window. It’s spring out there.)






i am a white male and i speak for all white males when i say i am uncomfortable with how we are portrayed on this website  

amen brother. did you get the coleslaw and mayonnaise casserole i sent you?

hey do you brahs wanna go to my house later and drink some monster energy drinks and look at my DC shoe collection

Thats so fucking rude

so was slavery

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a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself

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Aaron Axelrod - Freedom of the Press (2012) - Pastel on canvas

"A series exploring the current state of the press and more in depth, TV media. Almost all major media outlets are owned and operated by large corporate conglomerates which have their own set of personal and political agendas, which by definition, obscure and under represent the facts, all of which deceives and misleads the public. Using techniques to create the aesthetics of bad TV signals, the paintings which Axelrod has created, become metaphors for the unclear and altered information in the contemporary media. Freedom of the Press not only depicts specific individuals and current events, but also targets major television programs and the pundits that report and offer their own views about them as well.

The paintings reflect not just the concepts around the subject matter, but by the mediums/materials in which they’re produced. For instance the traditional use of pastels, often thought to be a medium used to create soft, gentle and unassuming paintings are in this series, being used to make large, pieces of subversive and controversial subject matter. The light box paintings, offer the idea of painting with light, which gives the same aesthetic as a television in a room, discharging colorful light fractures which get reflected of the walls and floor of the room.”

“Our newspapers, for the most part, present only the caricatures of disaffected minds. Indeed, the abuses of the freedom of the press here have been carried to a length never before known or borne by any civilized nation.” –Thomas Jefferson

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